GUEST WE BLOG: 5 Things All Spring Admits Should Be Aware Of

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***My colleague and other USC Admission Counselor, Vivika Demel, is really a USC Alum. We simply recently unearthed that she were admitted in to the spring semester at USC. She was gracious sufficient to fairly share her individual experience in the following guest web log. Keep reading for the inside appearance into what it is like being a spring admitted student.***

being a previous springtime acknowledge, I realize the confusion lots of you may be experiencing right now. We remember getting my big envelope, reading my acceptance page from USC, after which realizing I had been admitted for the spring.

‘ What does springtime admission mean?, also’

We thought, ‘Why me? Does it mean we had not been good enough for autumn?’ I devote a few telephone calls towards the Admission workplace and thanks to a few admission that is helpful and students, I soon had my questions answered. We decided to simply accept USC’s springtime offer. In retrospect, there were benefits to enrolling in the springtime, and I loved my Trojan experience.

Here are 5 items that aided me realize my offer of admission to spring semester:

  1. Being admitted for spring does never imply that USC will not desire you! Focus on the acknowledge part of Spring Admit. We want you! We’re just unable to accommodate all the learning students we want for the autumn semester, but we still want you as a member of the Trojan Family.
  2. You can be involved at USC within the fall. Spring admits can purchase tickets for house soccer games and sit in the learning student section. Likely to games allowed me personally to fulfill other students and experience the Spirit of Troy. In addition, students can live near campus and just take classes at neighborhood colleges, enabling you to connect to other Trojans in the fall.
  3. You’ve got many options that are different your fall semester. Pupils can register at a grouped community university, study at the American University of Paris (I want that this choice ended up being available once I had been a spring admit), travel or work, or do so much more. The opportunities are endless, and you have the blissful luxury to decide on whatever is most useful for you.
  4. You can nevertheless graduate on time. Students whom simply take classes at community college in many cases are able to graduate along with their fellow Trojans who began within the fall. We actually took five General Education courses into the fall, and was able to double major and small at USC and graduate on time still.
  5. You will still have a geniune usc experience. Aside from when they begin, our students get to see USC life to its fullest. You are able to nevertheless be tangled up in our activities, occasions, classes, and businesses. Also, we guarantee housing for our springtime admits and try to pair spring admits together to make sure a shared transition that is smooth.

To sum it up, don’t be stressed or scared about your spring admission. You’re a member of the Trojan Family with endless options and opportunities available.
If you have every other questions, please feel absolve to contact the workplace of Admission or your admission counselor.

Get Oriented With USC

May 1st is here. You’re committed. We’re so excited. You are relieved. HOORAY! Time for the step that is next.

Sign up for USC Orientation!

USC Orientation Programs helps re-confirm the commitment you may are making by today; the May 1st Commitment Deadline. Regarding the practical side it’s important since you’ll manage to register for your classes, discover where things take campus, and obtain situated. However, you will even come to the campus and work out new friends, even future BFF’s. You shall learn the fight song. You will finally get the hang of sickness the ‘V for Victory’ sign. (Unless you spent my youth in a single of those families who knew how doing this before learning how to hold a bottle, being an infant) All exciting things!

numerous of our workers are Trojan alums and went through Orientation fairly present enough to remember their experiences. Read their quotes below because they reminisce about their very memories that are first a Trojan throughout their orientation.

‘USC Orientation was pretty awesome. My OA was a resource that is incredible gave a large amount of great advice about life as a USC pupil. Also, I met some of my future sorority sisters at Orientation. Positively memories that we shall constantly cherish.’
-Jessica Frey, Class of 2013

‘ The best part of Orientation was the Spirit Rally! Hearing the musical organization play, learning most of the traditions, and being surrounded by my fellow Trojans was a memory we won’t forget for some time.’

-Neelam Savla, Class of 2012

‘To be honest, it’s hard for me to remember my orientation. Partially because we graduated from USC last year and my orientation was at 2007(I need to start some memory exercises). The things I really do remember was during Welcome Week as well as the start of USC, I did not feel lost or I belonged like I didn’t know where. I think that’s a representation of my Orientation experience and exactly just how it prepared me to step on campus within the feel and fall at ease. One memory that appears out and it is clear from my orientation had been registering for classes. My scholastic consultant during the time, who finished up being one of my bosses through it all so that whenever we stepped out of the office, I felt absolutely nothing but excited about starting school, the classes I happened to be taking and being truly a Trojan.’
-Kendall Williams, Class of 2011

‘ My fondest memory of USC Orientation was going later on with a few of the latest acquaintances and likely to Del Taco for a midday snack. I came across some students that became a few of my very first buddies at USC. It had been additionally my first—and last—trip to Del Taco. (Go eat some Chano’s rather).’
-Eric Gebert, course of 2010

‘ From the band to your battle track to the therefore Cal Spell Out, we liked learning about Trojan Traditions.’
-Bryan Hudson, Class of 2013

‘i remember eating in the dining halls for the first time with my friend that is best and realizing, after 3 delicious slices of pie, that the freshman 15 will be very, very real.’
-Tyler-Rose Veguez, Class of 2012

‘I visited Orientation 4 times (well, 4 summers) once as an inbound freshman and 3 x being a pupil staff user. It was always great to see individuals go from knowing no one to locating best buddies in that short two-day timespan. They could be friends you keep forever or friends only for the few days you’re on campus, but either method, they help you understand that you will find great individuals at USC and also you can find your niche once you move in.’
-Noel Viramontes, course of 2009

‘Orientation ended up being the brief moment every thing really clicked. I finally had the opportunity to stay back and consult with not only current USC pupils, but my very own freshman classmates in depth. We still had much in common though we might have come from different parts of the world and had different majors. These unique and fascinating people made me excited to call home, learn, and develop at USC the following four years.’
-Clay Busia, Class of 2013

IMPORTANT NOTE: it doesn’t matter what orientation session you sign up for. You will have the same access to the classes you’ll need if you attend the previous or later sessions.

A lot of you have already signed up and reserved a spot for orientation. Awesome! Until your session, feel free to explore the USC Orientation Programs website. If you might be eager to find more info about pupil clubs and businesses on campus, go right to the USC scholar Affairs internet site. Your time as a Trojan will be right here before you realize it!

Hey Trojans that is current and, do you keep in mind any enjoyable memories you’d at Orientation?