Brett Hundley seeks to help Kyler Murray’s transition

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Barring any unforeseen changes, Kyler Murray is expected to start for the Arizona Cardinals come Week 1, but that has not stopped teammate Brett Hundley out of keeping his eyes locked on that number one spot.
Ever since being drafted in the fifth round in 2015, Hundley has learned from among the NFL’s best QBs, serving as a backup behind Aaron Rodgers from Green Bay and Russell Wilson at Seattle. And he believes those experiences will help him become a teacher for the highly touted rookie.
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”The knowledge I have, I’m in a position to pass it along to (Murray), especially through this journey of his since the NFL isn’t a sprint. It’s a very long distance marathon,” Hundley told TMZ in a recent interview. ”For me, my goal has always been to begin, regardless of what position it is in. I really don’t play to be instant. So I think that’s my number one aim, to find that starting occupation and at precisely the exact same time, it is a competition for a reason”
In his three seasons with the Packers, Hundley appeared in 15 games, including a noteworthy nine-game stretch in place of the injured Rodgers at 2017. After being traded to the Seahawks last August, he failed to register any playing time, freeing up him to sign a yearlong deal with the Cards in March.
Aside from his insight regarding the QB situation in Glendale, Hundley made certain to heap more praise Murray’s way, stating that the 2019 best pick is an”incredible guy” who’s”really picking this up crime really well.”
Together with OTAs having come and gone, neither QB will discuss the field again before training camp starts in late July. Until then, Hundley, a native of Chandler, Ariz., will continue preparing to take advantage of his opportunity with his hometown team.
”Honestly, being back home for me personally has been truly a blessing. Just especially timing and everything, especially with the coaching situation, going into my fifth year, I couldn’t ask for a better situation,” Hundley said. ”For mepersonally, being able to come home this season and only knowing that I’m in the right kind of offense I’ve been waiting to put everything together I have learned from my past experiences in Green Bay and Seattle to this crime. I feel like I can actually do some damage.”

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